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More Fairies!

Hello Fairy Followers!

I haven’t updated for a while – sorry about that – I have been busy being a Father Christmas like soul making babygrows and cushions then send them off to their new home. I didn’t really have anything new to put on here so today I have a treat for you all. Although, if you follow me on facebook (there’s the link there if you don’t :P) you will have already seen it. I have a new fairy on the way so here is the initial sketch for you;

ImageHere is also the beginning of it being coloured;


…naturally it’ll probably look completely different when completed but as usual I’ll do a ‘painting in progress’ report as I go. “Report” sounds completely boring…they are quite interesting (Promise!) I actually like the sketchiness of the first picture, I think it’d make a good graphic design for a T-shirt or bag, so I’ll be sure to keep that version of it and have an experiment with it as a design. Oh isn’t being an artist fun?

At the moment I have also started doing a course in graphic design and web design which has taken up a lot of my time, but hopefully when I complete it I’d be able to make a fantastic fantasy fairy website and lots of fairy motifs as well. We shall see!

Anyway, have a lovely day and please tell me if you’ve seen a partridge in a pear tree and please take a picture of it.

Until next time Fairy Followers!

(I really am quite strange)

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