Grace is an artist based in Lancaster, England, the historic city where she went to university. Her work is entirely personal and self-expressive. She is a member of Morecambe Artist Colony. With a focus on emotion, story-telling, folklore, and fantasy, her drawings are raw interpretations of imagination, subconscious, and perception.

She’ll never give you the fixed story about what each piece is about as a lot of the time she isn’t really sure herself.

Does anyone truly know their own mind and understand their own subconscious? When was the last time you could effectively deconstruct and analyse your own dreams? 

Here she is attempting to look cool…

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes and outdoor

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  1. Hi Grace We would like to use one of your illustrations for a customer’s menu in South Africa (The Fox head). Please contact me to arrange this.
    Many thanks
    Anton Kieck

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