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Behind the Artwork: The World is Unravelling

What inspired this?

The ‘World is Unravelling’ is the most recent piece in my series of drawings. This one was inspired by the incredible sun that we saw in England on the day that ex-hurricane Ophelia visited us. The sun was a eerie shade of pink and the feel of the day was weirdly calm and otherworldly – perfect for inspiration. It felt so weird!

Why is the girl running?

I was a bit obsessed with the sun on this particular day. I’m fascinated by the sky anyway – I think far too much of us spend too much of our time looking down at the ground rather than up. I kept running in and out of my place of work trying to catch the next glimpse.

Why 3 birds?

In tales everything is in 3’s. I wanted to create a fairytale or folklore feel to this piece. There’s more of a story here for the viewer to discover.

What was the process for creating this piece?

I started with loose brush strokes, as I often do. I applied Sanguine powder and graphite powder first. Then I worked into it with pencil and created a deeper, more colourful landscape with chalk pastel. It evolved naturally with expressive lines. I find the more I let go and let my subconscious take over, the more experimental and powerful my work becomes. As soon as I try to control it too much, I don’t think it has quite as much of an impact.

How has your work transformed over time?

Well, there was a time when I would NEVER use colour, all of my work was graphite and it never included a background, now it features both. I find that I let go much more now and do not worry about the finished outcome – I go on a journey creating each artwork from start to finish. It’s fun, self-expressive and also an exploration of my own self-conscious.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that each work has it’s own unique story that I hope transforms with each viewer. There’s no right answer, it’s all a discovery of subconscious and varying perceptions.

There you have it, more insight into my drawing world. Thanks again for questions, if you have anymore please get in contact.

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