Bullfinch Sketch



It’s sketch time and who do we have today? The bullfinch! This is the start of another series of animal illustration; as you can probably guess it’s going to be all about British birds! I’m going to be selecting a few favourites and it will be split into sections; woodland birds/ birds of prey/ garden friends etc. each will be unique and will eventually be featured in print form on my shop (as that is currently being created).
bullfinch 001c


The bullfinch is such a beautiful bird, with his bright orange breast and graphic-like markings. We really are lucky to have him visit our forests and gardens. This sketch is a mixed media drawing with a combination of traditional graphite pencil drawing and digital mark-making.

I must admit that I very much I like this sketch, I love his expression; he looks a bit worried…or grumpy, perhaps he is! Over the next few days I will refine this image and give him a little splash of colour here and there. I think he would make the perfect print.

If you like the look of this little guy, take a look around my site, you can find an array of other wildlife art and fantasy illustrations. If you would like more information about my artwork, or would like to commission a unique piece of work, please get in contact.



Painting in Progress [Mermaid]


One of my recent mermaid sketches has become it’s transformation into a digital masterpiece. So this will just be a quick post to show you how it has progressed; it is not nearly finished at all…so let’s take a look at it so far:

Mermaid 002

First of all we add a background…there is more detail here though than if I had just started, the rocks still require a lot of work, but I haven’t settled on them being there anyway….so they could magically vanish!

Mermaid 001a

I’ve never been one to finish one section then move on to the next as you can see here. I’ve started adding skin tones and a bit of hair, of course it has to be flowing in the wind…there is no other way.

Mermaid 001b

The skin is becoming more refined and the eyes are more detailed. She has quite a hypnotising stare! The first fewstages are quite experimental and it is important to remember to make a new layer when adding more detail, just so you can delete a layer if it isn’t working very well.

Mermaid 001c

This is the stage she is at, at the moment. She has some luscious locks and it is all starting to look a little more refined and tidy. It isn’t nearly finished at all, there are many details to add…even some basic colouring, but it will get there in the end.

Mermaid 001d

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished piece so I had better get on with it! If you would like to see any more of my finished fantasy art, make sure that you that you check out my fairy art, there will be a mermaid art page coming soon, so make sure that you keep coming back to check it out! Until next time…happy sketching!

New Art & Sketches


Tonight is a very special night as I’m going to unveil the new addition to the Bowties ‘n’ Beasties series; The Wolf. Now if you have seen much of my previous work, you’ll know that wolves are pretty much one of my favourite animals. There is something very intriguing about the wolf and, of course, they are absolutely stunning creatures! So, let’s get on with it, ey?

The Wolf

The Wolf

Like the others in the series, this is a mixed media piece as I used traditional drawing techniques together with digital painting. To see more of my drawings make sure that you visit my drawings & illustrations page, where you can find some more weird and wonderful drawings!

In other news I have just moved house and have a brand new studio, and garden! it’s all very exciting, the sun is shining down on my as I type…it’s pretty warm actually, but we cannot say bad things about the sun here in Britain. So today is the first day that I’ve had internet in along time (a week is like a year in internet terms!) so as you can imagine I have been sketching a lot…it’s been fabulous!

Let me introduce you to a few sketches:

The Mermaid's Game

The Mermaid’s Game




Admittedly I think my scanner needs a clean after the move. It’s been a while but fantasy art is back! I’ve sketched a few mermaids lately, it could be down to the fact that I’ve been to the seaside a lot (Morecambe), all artists should pop to see the sea every now and then…maybe it’s just me. One of them has already begun its digital painting journey, but we’ll save that for another post.

Until next time happy sketching!


Oh deery Me (Beasties ‘n’ Bowties)


Greetings Beasties!

I’ve been adding a little colour to my deer as part of the ‘Beasties ‘n’ Bowties’ series and here is the gorgeous little fellow now….Image


Do you think yellow suits him? It has been a quick digital paint of a job. The rest of the series is coming along nicely, I should be able to introduce you to a few more characters next week and hopefully have a few prints available for purchase, isn’t that exciting?

For now I’ll leave you with the deer, my favourite so far is Mr Hare who you can view in a previous post ‘Beasties ‘n’ Bowties‘. Once I’ve completed the series they shall be uploaded in all their glory. Goodnight!


Squirrel Sketch


Squirrel Sketch

A quick sketch of a squirrel as part of my ‘Bowties ‘n’ Beasties‘ series.

Beasties ‘n’ Bowties


Hola Amigos!

Good news, I’ve begun a new series of drawings – I say drawings it is really more an amalgamation of traditional drawing and digital (oo how posh!). The new series shall be called ‘Bowties n Beasties’. So, I’d like to share a few pieces that are currently in progress so that you can see exactly why I have entitled my series so. 

Enough of my words…bring on the images! (sounds of cheering…ish)



Mr Hare is looking rather handsome if I dare say so myself! 



Mr Fox and his green bowtie…looking rather dashing.Image


Oh Deer…


You probably see why the new series is called ‘Bowties ‘n’ Beasties’ now, I’m combining two of my favourite things; wildlife and quirky fashion. There shall be many more of these little creatures popping up to say hello. Some of them will make it to the finish line, you’ll have to wait n see what the finished series is like…

Well, I better get drawing. Until next time,…wildlife wanderers and fairy followers!

The Ginger Rhino


Hola all!

I’d like to present to you the latest addition to the animal family; the Ginger Rhino. This was created for a friend and I must say I had a lot of fun creating it – well, what isn’t entertaining about a rhino with long luscious locks of curly hair and a goatee?!


digital painting of a ginger rhino

Mixed Media – Ginger Rhino

This was originally just a pencil sketch of a rhino transformed into this glorious piece of art you see before yourself on Photoshop. This image is actually not the finished version, I worked into it after printing with pencils/pastel pencils and a wee bit of pen to add more depth and texture to it – but this version still tickles me and if a picture doesn’t put a smile on your face or make you feel something then what is the point ey!?

I’m planning on producing many more entertaining animal paintings/drawings etc, plus I’m getting some fantastic material printed full of original Grace Owen designs! Huzzah! There are many exciting things to come so remember to keep coming back to www.graceowenart.com – you never know what you’ll find next.

The Great Bear (Sketch)






Just a quick one this evening as I have a new sketch I like to call the Great Bear.


The Great Bear

A4 with an array of pencils, he may get a friend or a story, I am yet to decide!


Sketch, Scan, Paint!

animals, paintings




It’s Sunday evening and guess what…I’ve finally got a scanner again huzzah! This means that I can finally start uploading some high quality images of my latest sketches and artwork, my blog has been rather sparse for the past few months, but no more! I’ve got a new art studio/office type thing, and everything is set up. Unfortunately much of my work is bigger than  A4..for some reason I always prefer large pieces of paper. To celebrate my new scanner setup, I’ve got a small pen sketch and a new digital painting in progress for you.

fawn drawing

Fawn pen sketch

Painting of fox

Digital Painting in Progress

As you can see the fox started off as a pencil drawing and is currently being coloured. He may be far from finished but he is looking very happy! I love creating digital wildlife paintings and drawings, it really is a lot of fun; each animal has its own personality and/or mood so expect to see a lot more, but there are also some new fairy creatures to come – I do love having my own studio (the desk is massive!). I can look out of the window and see Lancaster’s castle; a great source of inspiration (even if I don’t draw castles). Anyway, it’s time to get scanning, sketching and maybe sleeping. Happy Sunday evening everyone!

Sketch-a-thon Drawings!

animals, arts

So it’s Thursday day 4 of my sketch-a-thon so it’s time to share a few of my drawings with you! I was going to do one a day but then I ran out of time and my internet decided to die, but i didn’t think that you would mind that I posted a few together, next week though I am determined to do ONE A DAY. Then I am going to use the sketches to create some new completed artwork…although admittedly some of  my drawings aren’t really ‘sketches’ they are a little too detailed – I can’t help myself, that’s the best part of drawing for me. So let me introduce you to my new drawings…the photo’s aren’t of the best quality I haven’t set up the scannner and I’ve recently moved house! (excuses…excuses)


As you can see I’ve used a variety of different styles and mediums; pen, pencil, detailed drawing, more graphic techniques and, of course, character illustration (the dragon who I think is very cute). I think I could create really excellent wildlife art from some of these drawings; I could transform them into a fully detailed digital painting or I could just simply complete them!

Drawing everyday is a great way to spend your time; it’s very therapeutic after a hard day at the office, so even if you think you can’t draw I encourage you to pick up your pencil and have a go! You’ve nothing to lose…only your troubles. Drawing really is a fantastic stress relief, no matter what ends up on the paper the process is wholly engrossing. If you would like to view anymore of my artwork then head over to my website www.graceowenart.com.