New Painting: Green Bird

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I have a new drawing to share (see below); this was created with pencil, pastel and digital painting…whilst listening (that’s right!) to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Audio books are a great way to read whilst getting other things done! Although, you don’t have the pleasure of a wonderful book cover, which in all honesty is my favourite thing about a book!



So, there you go, another short and sweet post from myself, next time I’ll do a longer one, but it’s my birthday today so I think you can forgive me!


Sketch, Scan, Paint!

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It’s Sunday evening and guess what…I’ve finally got a scanner again huzzah! This means that I can finally start uploading some high quality images of my latest sketches and artwork, my blog has been rather sparse for the past few months, but no more! I’ve got a new art studio/office type thing, and everything is set up. Unfortunately much of my work is bigger than  A4..for some reason I always prefer large pieces of paper. To celebrate my new scanner setup, I’ve got a small pen sketch and a new digital painting in progress for you.

fawn drawing

Fawn pen sketch

Painting of fox

Digital Painting in Progress

As you can see the fox started off as a pencil drawing and is currently being coloured. He may be far from finished but he is looking very happy! I love creating digital wildlife paintings and drawings, it really is a lot of fun; each animal has its own personality and/or mood so expect to see a lot more, but there are also some new fairy creatures to come – I do love having my own studio (the desk is massive!). I can look out of the window and see Lancaster’s castle; a great source of inspiration (even if I don’t draw castles). Anyway, it’s time to get scanning, sketching and maybe sleeping. Happy Sunday evening everyone!

Sketch-a-thon Drawings!

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So it’s Thursday day 4 of my sketch-a-thon so it’s time to share a few of my drawings with you! I was going to do one a day but then I ran out of time and my internet decided to die, but i didn’t think that you would mind that I posted a few together, next week though I am determined to do ONE A DAY. Then I am going to use the sketches to create some new completed artwork…although admittedly some of  my drawings aren’t really ‘sketches’ they are a little too detailed – I can’t help myself, that’s the best part of drawing for me. So let me introduce you to my new drawings…the photo’s aren’t of the best quality I haven’t set up the scannner and I’ve recently moved house! (excuses…excuses)


As you can see I’ve used a variety of different styles and mediums; pen, pencil, detailed drawing, more graphic techniques and, of course, character illustration (the dragon who I think is very cute). I think I could create really excellent wildlife art from some of these drawings; I could transform them into a fully detailed digital painting or I could just simply complete them!

Drawing everyday is a great way to spend your time; it’s very therapeutic after a hard day at the office, so even if you think you can’t draw I encourage you to pick up your pencil and have a go! You’ve nothing to lose…only your troubles. Drawing really is a fantastic stress relief, no matter what ends up on the paper the process is wholly engrossing. If you would like to view anymore of my artwork then head over to my website


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I love drawing, but recently I have lacked inspiration and that really gets me down! I worry that if I stop I’ll lose all of the skills that I’ve built up over the years and just not be able to do it anymore and as an artist that is a bit of a nightmare. In order to stop that from happening I’m going to have a sketch-a-thon, now it would be great to sketch for a full 24 hours and see what monstrosities I come up with…however before every sketch-a-thon if that is indeed a thing you need to practice so from next week ( the 17th March) I’m going to do a drawing every single evening! It’ll be exciting to see what pours out of my pencil. Expect to see an array of drawings popping up on my blog and feel free to join in and share your own sketches too. For now though, I’m going to leave you with a few works in progress…


deerbunnybluetit 001

Mr Fox Gets Colour!

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Mr Fox Gets Colour!

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything new and technically this is just a colour of an older drawing…it’s not finished either but as you all know (unless you’ve never visited before) I like to show the creation of my work in y’all should come back 😉

In other news I’m getting a new computer so you can expect more work to appear over the next few weeks and months. I shall be updating my site – it’s all very exciting isn’t it?

Angry Owl – Sketch

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On Sunday I went to Chester Zoo most people get excited about lions and tigers…I get excited about the owls and bats. I love those nocturnal folk. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy looking at the giraffes and other exotic creatures but there’s something about birds that I just love. They have great expressions, whether they mean to have them I don’t know…but anyway, they’re so fun to draw!

Angry Owl - Sketch

Here is my sketch from the day anyway! He looks very grumpy, you probably would be if you were awake during the day time though and everyone was staring at you making hooting noises.

Well it has been a while since I have posted an actual long blog post, sorry about that I’ve been rather busy!

Good news, I now have an A3 printer it is absolutely fantastic! Now I can make some really high quality prints and originals as some of my work has never been seen physically on paper. The plan is to print, frame, and exhibit. I missed something important off that list…oh yeah, sell. My online shop has been bare for quite a while, well that is about to change…well in the next week or so.

Barn owl in monochrome

Black and White Version

This image looks particularly good in A3 both the colour version seen on this page so I shall be doing some lovely, high quality prints of this image. At the moment I am creating more wildlife art than fairy art, but I always like to create something a bit mystical or magical about the paintings I do so, I’m never too far away from the wonderful world of fantasy. I do love Imagine FX (a magazine dedicated to fantasy art)

Anyway, do keep checking back for more art etc and I’ll reveal when my shop is launched with all its new stock! Yay!

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Spring Sheep…

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Ok so I started this sheep painting a while ago and I’ve been working on and off with it. I think it is finally finished, yaaaay bring out the Champagne. I’ve been working on my illustration style for children etc. I have so many different styles of work to choose from now…Anyway, here is the sheep…


It’s a bit of a pain sometimes this digital painting lark because I’ll paint it on my laptop and then I’ll look at it on a desktop and it’s a completely different colour or brightness. Looking at it again I think I could add more wool texture to my sheep’s body.

Now, for most of you who often read my blogs and follow my art, you’ll know that as well as wildlife paintings I produce a lot of fantasy work. Now I’ve recently come across a fantastic fantasy illustrator called Neal Murren. I found out about him from ASOS, yes the online clothing shop, I recently bought this fantastic creation

I fell in love with the rabbit design. It is in the style that I love as a lot of my drawings are of this bizarre nature. I’d love to make one with my own with my designs as well. Then I went googling his website, there is some amazing art/illustration on there so just pop his name Neal Murren into google and prepare to see some great artwork.

Hope you are all well!

Honourable Mention

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Hi everyone,

I entered a competition on Light, Space & Time Online Art Gallery entitled ‘Nature’ with my digital painting;


Today I found out that I received an honourable mention in the Mixed Media & Other category! It’s very exciting to be mentioned. It’s a great online gallery with some excellent competitions for artists   so here is the link for you:

I’m going to enter some more competitions (and hopefully win haha) but it is great to be mentioned!

In other news my graphics tablet it broken so there won’t be any new digital paintings until it is fixed but I have been sketching a lot with a good old fashioned pencil so I will upload some new art soon.

Is that a…Wizard Bird?

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Is that a...WIzard Bird?

This magical little bird appeared to me in doodle form on a slow day at work. He has since been sketched (as you can see) and is currently being brought to life on my computer screen. I am thinking of some exciting stories about him, although I’m yet to give him a name, poor bird. He looks happy enough at the moment.

That’s it from me tonight, short and sweet. I’ve been ill with a bad cold so forgive me AND there will be more exciting posts soon!