New Project…Under the Sea

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I have always loved the sea, well looking at it at least. There is something magical and breathtaking about it and of course it is home to some of the most wondrous creatures and plants.I love a good coastal theme too so it was on natural to use the ocean and its  contents as a source of inspiration for my artwork and illustration.

My new project is based on the sea, but like many of my drawings or paintings I wanted to include and element of storytelling. This combination of themes can be seen most plainly in my jellyfish series of drawings…here is a preview…

Number 1


Sometimes you plan drawings…sometimes you don’t – I find the ones that aren’t planned are stronger. This concept wasn’t planned, it just happened. A3 in size it is a larger piece. It is part of a series, you’ll have seen snippets if you follow me on instagram.

Here is another drawing in progress…



And another, but this one involves digital painting…



So this is just one side of my under the sea theme, there shall be more to come, I’m really enjoying exploring the depths of the ocean!


…It’s Windy


Happy June everybody!

That’s right, it’s June and it feels a lot like winter. To celebrate this wonderful fact (I’m not being sarcastic…I swear…*ahem*) here is a very British June inspired artwork/sketch…



This bird seems happy enough to be wearing a scarf at this time of year…I’m not sure I am!


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I love drawing, but recently I have lacked inspiration and that really gets me down! I worry that if I stop I’ll lose all of the skills that I’ve built up over the years and just not be able to do it anymore and as an artist that is a bit of a nightmare. In order to stop that from happening I’m going to have a sketch-a-thon, now it would be great to sketch for a full 24 hours and see what monstrosities I come up with…however before every sketch-a-thon if that is indeed a thing you need to practice so from next week ( the 17th March) I’m going to do a drawing every single evening! It’ll be exciting to see what pours out of my pencil. Expect to see an array of drawings popping up on my blog and feel free to join in and share your own sketches too. For now though, I’m going to leave you with a few works in progress…


deerbunnybluetit 001

Angry Owl – Sketch

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On Sunday I went to Chester Zoo most people get excited about lions and tigers…I get excited about the owls and bats. I love those nocturnal folk. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy looking at the giraffes and other exotic creatures but there’s something about birds that I just love. They have great expressions, whether they mean to have them I don’t know…but anyway, they’re so fun to draw!

Angry Owl - Sketch

Here is my sketch from the day anyway! He looks very grumpy, you probably would be if you were awake during the day time though and everyone was staring at you making hooting noises.

Heron II

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Mr Heron – the sketching continues, I’ll have to update this with a better image unfortunately it’s A3 so I can’t scan it at home, ALAS!

The Osprey and the Fish – Colour

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Hi everyone, another quick post to show you what I’ve been up to lately.

as you know, a couple of days ago I posted this drawing;

The Osprey and the Fish

The Osprey and the Fish

Well, today I decided I would paint it (digitally of course) so, here is another one of my many painting in progress posts.

digital painting of an osprey carrying a fish

The Osprey and the Fish (colour)

Here (above) is what it looks like at the moment. A lot of work needs doing yet, but as usual I wanted to share with you how my work progresses from sketch or line art to a full, blown, colourful painting. I love using my graphics tablet it is very therapeutic, except for fiddly, detailed bits that can drive me absolutely insane.

It shouldn’t take too long to finish this painting and I’ll post the next step of this painting in progress asap!

Traditional Vs Digital!

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Morning all,

Now as you know I am a convert to digital painting but I like to keep that traditional style. (well I think I do anyway) My main reason for going digital is because of the MAMMOTH mess I make whilst painting – seriously there was a time when all of my clothes had blue paint on them. Another reason is that I love drawing and digital painting is just like drawing but with colour and the ‘wet effect’ of paint. I have a Wacom Intous 5 pen and touch graphics tablet and also a massive box of pencils and paints…they decided to have a face off this morning, I couldn’t decide which to use so I decided to write a blog instead!

Some people say digital painting is a lot easier and that it’s cheating (blah blah blah) and not as ‘proper’ (for lack of a better word) as traditional work,  obviously those people have never tried it. Digital painting can be a lot like the practise of oil painting – as in the process of under painting, over painting and detail addition – so many layers are involved, yes you don’t have to wait for it to dry but it’s layer after layer of hard work. In this world where we expect things to happen instantly it’s quite useful!..although you do have to have lots of breaks or your hand becomes claw like…mine does anyway.

One problem it does pose though is that there is no physical original, so what I like to do is print on really lovely, fine art or watercolour paper. You also have the choice of printing onto canvas but that can be very expensive depending on where you go. I also love to mix the digital with the traditional either by drawing it out first with a pencil or working into it after, especially with my fairy pieces.


Wholly digital image


Digital and traditional drawing image

Drawing is something I am passionate about, I love how different a pencil (or whatever medium you’re using) can be when using various techniques. I definitely don’t agree with the folks who say that drawing and painting is outdated, no skill that can produce something so beautiful is outdated. So I say, keep drawing! Keep painting! Or whatever it is that you like to do. Try every medium out there, try ones that have never been used before…it’s fun! Some will work for you and some certainly won’t, mastering the technique is always fulfilling though.

In my opinion you don’t need to pick between digital or traditional. You don’t need to say whether one is real art (whatever that means!) I think they work exceptionally well together.

But after all of this I still haven’t decided whether I should continue a digital painting or draw something fresh…I’m hopeless!

Is that a…Wizard Bird?

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Is that a...WIzard Bird?

This magical little bird appeared to me in doodle form on a slow day at work. He has since been sketched (as you can see) and is currently being brought to life on my computer screen. I am thinking of some exciting stories about him, although I’m yet to give him a name, poor bird. He looks happy enough at the moment.

That’s it from me tonight, short and sweet. I’ve been ill with a bad cold so forgive me AND there will be more exciting posts soon!

Sketches Galore!

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Howdy Folks,

I’ve been sketching away over the last couple of days, just getting a few ideas together for some more digital wildlife paintings. Generally, this is how I start an artwork, I’ll create an initial sketch, refine the drawing then scan it in for painting. Although, I do love drawings as stand alone artwork but I really enjoy adding depth and playing with colour through painting both digitally and traditionally.

Here are a few of the sketches:



Within a couple of days I’ll hopefully be able to show you at least one of these in the progress of turning into a dramatic digital painting. I’m looking to get more ambitious with the backgrounds of my paintings, but not distracting from the main focus of the painting which is always the character of the animal that I’m creating.

Well, I had better get on with it then. 🙂

Freddy Fox

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Hello All!

As promised earlier here is a new painting, and a new member of my character creations, Freddy Fox!


and here are a couple of pictures of it in progress:


It started out as a simple sketch in a fresh new sketchbook that I treated myself to. Well, I say treated it was quite cheap from Ryman’s I don’t particularly love the quality of the paper but I’d run out of space and I seriously needed to draw so it’ll do. My hands get restless if they haven’t drawn anything in a while. I’m really enjoying creating wildlife paintings and drawings at the moment. I’ve always loved drawing wildlife and yet giving them quite humanistic expressions, I think animals do have personalities so I do love creating new characters.

I’ve been thinking of doing a blog on artists/illustrations that inspire me…or that I just admire and yes I’m going to say LOVE again for about the 5000th time this post. Sorry, but I think you can forgive me it is midnight! So, I’ll be doing that next time if you’re interested 😉

Goodnight all!