Behind the Artwork: ‘A Gathering of Ancients’

It’s that time again, to explore the story/meaning behind the artwork. A noble feat, but not an exact science – certainly not when it comes to my own work. This drawing has many titles – at the moment I’ve titled it ‘A Gathering of Ancients’, however, when I first completed it I named it ‘Energy …

Behind the Artwork: The World is Unravelling

What inspired this? The ‘World is Unravelling’ is the most recent piece in my series of drawings. This one was inspired by the incredible sun that we saw in England on the day that ex-hurricane Ophelia visited us. The sun was a eerie shade of pink and the feel of the day was weirdly calm …

Behind the Artwork: Conversations with Ursa Major

‘Conversations with Ursa Major‘ is my latest finished piece from my current work. The series itself focuses on the subconscious, dreams, fantasy, emotion and reality. Each piece has an element of the ‘real’ in it but it is quite hard to translate as the viewer.  What is the work about? To be honest, none of …

Behind the Artwork: ‘You Can Have my Body But You Can’t Have Me.’

More answers about more artworks… What is the artwork about? On first glance this seems like a romantic piece, whereas, in my head it’s quite the opposite. The two ‘lovers’ dance on the beach under the eclipsed sun. The male holds the female with a firm grip; he’s so afraid to let her go that …

Behind the Artwork: ‘Under the Influence, Losing Control’

To continue my series about my current work here are a few questions about my newest work; ‘Under the Influence, Losing Control’ and about my art practice itself… What is the artwork about? Well, as the title suggests it’s about losing control, and letting something (or someone) take the reigns even if you don’t really …

Behind the Artwork: ‘Blurring the Lines Between Fantasy & Reality’

Greetings. It’s been a while since I have updated this blog, but I’ve had a few questions about my artwork. So I’m going to do a series of blogs (I hate the word blog) about each piece of work. First we have one of my personal favourites; ‘Blurring the Lines Between Fantasy & Reality’. What …

New Project…Under the Sea

New Project…Under the Sea

I have always loved the sea, well looking at it at least. There is something magical and breathtaking about it and of course it is home to some of the most wondrous creatures and plants.I love a good coastal theme too so it was on natural to use the ocean and its ┬ácontents as a …

…It’s Windy

…It’s Windy

Happy June everybody! That’s right, it’s June and it feels a lot like winter. To celebrate this wonderful fact (I’m not being sarcastic…I swear…*ahem*) here is a very British June inspired artwork/sketch…   This bird seems happy enough to be wearing a scarf at this time of year…I’m not sure I am!



I love drawing, but recently I have lacked inspiration and that really gets me down! I worry that if I stop I’ll lose all of the skills that I’ve built up over the years and just not be able to do it anymore and as an artist that is a bit of a nightmare. In order to stop that from happening I’m going to have a sketch-a-thon, now it would be great to sketch for a full 24 hours and see what monstrosities I come up with…however before every sketch-a-thon if that is indeed a thing you need to practice so from next week ( the 17th March) I’m going to do a drawing every single evening! It’ll be exciting to see what pours out of my pencil. Expect to see an array of drawings popping up on my blog and feel free to join in and share your own sketches too. For now though, I’m going to leave you with a few works in progress…


deerbunnybluetit 001

Angry Owl – Sketch

Angry Owl – Sketch

On Sunday I went to Chester Zoo most people get excited about lions and tigers…I get excited about the owls and bats. I love those nocturnal folk. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy looking at the giraffes and other exotic creatures but there’s something about birds that I just love. They have great expressions, whether they mean to have them I don’t know…but anyway, they’re so fun to draw!

Angry Owl - Sketch

Here is my sketch from the day anyway! He looks very grumpy, you probably would be if you were awake during the day time though and everyone was staring at you making hooting noises.