Creative Writing

Escape to the Bay (Writing & Drawing)

Looking out across the Bay as I have so many times before, I think of how many secrets the water holds. How much the water truly knows about me. If you listen hard enough perhaps you could hear the words that I desperately try to form in my mouth to say to you; they always fail and fall apart like ash. Of course, thinking that the water only holds my secrets would be entirely self-indulgent. How much anguish, angst, fear, love, hate, lust, despair, and, sadness does the water keep hidden beneath its dark surface? Does it take it away out to sea, let it flow into the ocean, or is it locked in each wave and ripple?
Standing on the edge, staring outwardly, feeling the rush of calm that the still days bring; I am thankful that the water is there to listen. You probably think I’m foolish for talking to the water, but who else is there to listen? It’s a cliché to say that you don’t or won’t understand, but how could you when I can’t even figure it out myself?

On my darkest days, I wish I could walk into the water and disappear beneath the waves; it would wash me clean, ridding me of this constant, confusing, frustrating battle. I would forget everything, and I would emerge anew. But, of course, you should never get too comfortable with the water; it can, and will, take everything from you should you succumb to its inviting nature. Never underestimate the power of the water.
Some of my favourite days are when the wind is powerful. The release of energy is a freedom that too many people fear. Besides, water isn’t the only keeper of secrets. Many will curse the wind, but maybe, just maybe, it’s trying to tell you something. Of course, keep your wits about you; not all secrets are true. You must learn how to listen and what to pay attention to.

I say my favourite days are when the wind blows, but I must admit, I am undeniably in love with the sunset. Never does it fail to calm me down and fill me with a sense of awe that cannot be found elsewhere. Otherworldly, inspiring, and, powerful, I feel at home underneath its gaze. I feel small, insignificant yet happy and grateful to be here. It is so full of calm stillness that I cannot help but think that all of the secrets of the water are taken away with sundown. The sun is our protector after all, It’s the reason we’re here. Too many people forget that.

The magic of the Bay will help you to heal. It will help you forgive, it will help you to forget, should you wish it to. It will help you to remember when you need to whilst leading you in a new direction. 


This was meant to be a spoken word piece, it was recorded. The recording has vanished into the ether. Maybe it will be recorded again or maybe it will just remain in text form. Read more Short Stories and whatnot if you so desire.