Fairy Tale Art Competition!

Hello all!

I’ve entered a fairy tale art competition on fineartamerica.com so pleeease vote for me! You’re allowed to vote twice and you don’t need to be a member on the site or American you can BE ANYONE or ANYTHING to vote 🙂

Here are the links to my art in the competition:



I have entered my Firefly painting:


and Sleeping Spring;


I would really really appreciate your votes 🙂 so thank you in advance! There are over 500 entries so I’ll need them haha.

In other news, my graphics tablet gave up on me and my new one arrived yesterday. PC world refunded me everything thanks to its 1 year guarantee! (great stuff!) so I’ve been starting some new fairy digital paintings and here is one of them in progress;Image

it will undoubtedly change substantially from start to finish. Her face is a little ‘cartoony’ at the moment and I’d prefer it to be more realistic. I will update with my progress soon! I’m doing two paintings at once so I’ll have a lot to share. I’ll also get around to blogging about other artists and their work soon instead of just going on about myself heehee.

Remember to vote for me (please) and thanks again…Until next time! Goodnight!

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