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From Print to Product

Today, has been a day (well morning) for printing. So I’m just going to use this blog to illustrate the stages of the process from print to product.

The first step is to print my desired drawing/design/illustration onto iron on transfer papers just using a normal house hold, inkjet printer. Here (below) is the printout all cut out ready for printing. It is important to leave some blank space around the image as sometimes the ink can run if you do not leave a boarder, especially if you have the iron on very hot. So now Grumpy Owl is ready to be flattened and printed onto a bag.


I have picked one of my larger bags with a blue and white polka dot inlay. In my head the dark blue and white spots represent night time so Grumpy Owl is in his right environment! He has to be happy if he’s to spend his lifetime there don’t you think? Or am I just being strange…that is quite likely…


Now we are ready for the simple task of printing the image onto the bag. I usually have the iron on the setting for cotton (unfortunately I don’t actually know what temperature that is as my iron does not tell me). On a side note if you do use these iron on transfers make sure you use a different iron to the one you use for clothes and DO NOT use the steam setting. When all of the green iron icons have turned orange,like in the above the image, the design will have transferred onto the material. If you leave it on for a about 30 seconds  and leave it to cool the image will be shiny/glossy, I prefer a matt finish just for the fact I believe it looks better. To achieve that you can either take the transfer paper off immediately however, I find I burn my fingers doing that (ow! Not advisable.) Instead, I leave it a few seconds then place some grease proof paper over the top, iron over it again, peel it off and that creates the desired matt finish.But that is enough about the technicalities of iron on transfers.

Here is the Grumpy Owl bag finished in all its glory.


As you can see, I have added a few stars to the design. I used Dylon fabric pens to draw these on. I may add a few more details to it such as; buttons, sequins and gems later.

Here is an example of a smaller bag I have finished today;


I hope you like them! There are plenty more to come so, I better get on with printing and sewing some more!

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