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It’s Bleeting Brilliant – Painting in Progress

There are some things in this country (England) that you cannot avoid if you are going on a car journey, yes you guessed it…sheep! (you probably didn’t think I would say that did you?) Fields full with flocks of fluffy sheep flash past the window when whizzing down the motorway. It should be the time of year where little lambs are leaping around the field but this blasted snow is probably turning them all into snow balls. Unlike a lot of animals sheep look like chilled out creatures, all they do is stand around and chew until a dog comes and chases them around, cows on the other hand are terrifying and moody (me and cows have issues). There is something comical about a sheep that you can’t really pin point exactly. I especially enjoy the sound they make…you could say it’s a bleeting brilliant sound!…or not…

Ok, so now I bet I’ve got you asking ‘um why is she going on about sheep so much?’, Well you’re about to find out….I’ve painted a sheep! No, don’t worry not an actual sheep! Please don’t report me to PETA. I’m in the process of producing a digital painting so here she is:

painting of a sheep with a scarf on
Painting in progess

Although, it’s sunny in the painting the sheep needs a scarf as it is that English sun that pretends it’s wonderful and hot when actually it’s perishing. Don’t worry I’ll stop myself from waffling on about the weather. I haven’t a named this character yet, there are already quite a lot of famous sheep, good old Shaun, so please any suggestions would be fabulous.

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