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Mermaid Painting in Progress II

And then there was LAND and SEA…and a mermaid with an exceedingly long tail which the artist did not realise until it was too late as you will see!

Wiggly paper, I don’t think I stretched the paper for this one very well. CURSED PAINTING. Sometimes they are just cursed until you discipline them into doing what you want…just like children (not that I have any) but I was just watching a documentary about King George and he disciplined his children so they’d do what he wanted. In fact Apparently, when one of his sons was ALMOST late for dinner he gave him a look and he fainted… but you never know he might have been hungry. You never thought you would learn something like that from one of my blogs did you? Sorry! Back to the point.

As you can see she has a rather long tail. Luckily she’s mythical so she’s allowed, my mother argues that it is far too long. Oh well! I actually think it looks like another mermaid tail…I might have some fun experimenting adding a peeping face out of the water.

Ok so what started out as a gloomy picture has now turned into a tropical paradise. I think it came out of my longing for summer I really want to jump into the water. I don’t think it is finished yet.! This is one of those paintings that formed more whilst I was painting it than planning with sketches and what not.

The final piece will no doubt follow shortly…well within the next few days 🙂

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  1. I really like it! Great job!!!

  2. very beautiful, loving the green

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