New Art & Sketches

Tonight is a very special night as I’m going to unveil the new addition to the Bowties ‘n’ Beasties series; The Wolf. Now if you have seen much of my previous work, you’ll know that wolves are pretty much one of my favourite animals. There is something very intriguing about the wolf and, of course, they are absolutely stunning creatures! So, let’s get on with it, ey?

The Wolf
The Wolf

Like the others in the series, this is a mixed media piece as I used traditional drawing techniques together with digital painting. To see more of my drawings make sure that you visit my drawings & illustrations page, where you can find some more weird and wonderful drawings!

In other news I have just moved house and have a brand new studio, and garden! it’s all very exciting, the sun is shining down on my as I type…it’s pretty warm actually, but we cannot say bad things about the sun here in Britain. So today is the first day that I’ve had internet in along time (a week is like a year in internet terms!) so as you can imagine I have been sketching a lot…it’s been fabulous!

Let me introduce you to a few sketches:

The Mermaid's Game
The Mermaid’s Game



Admittedly I think my scanner needs a clean after the move. It’s been a while but fantasy art is back! I’ve sketched a few mermaids lately, it could be down to the fact that I’ve been to the seaside a lot (Morecambe), all artists should pop to see the sea every now and then…maybe it’s just me. One of them has already begun its digital painting journey, but we’ll save that for another post.

Until next time happy sketching!


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