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New Painting: Firefly

The other day I posted a sketch of a new fairy I had been drawing, after a lot of hard work here is the finished result:


I have entitled it Firefly, this is one of the rare times I actually know exactly what I want the final painting to look like right from the start. I knew I wanted to create quite an ethereal painting with a stark contrast between the light and dark elements within it. I wanted it to look as though the fairy is glowing in the night sky like a lantern. Again this painting was created with watercolours initially, then I edited it slightly on Photoshop and drew into it again with chalks and watercolour pencils. I love using a variety of different materials it makes the creation very interesting, enjoyable and keeps improving my computer, painting and drawing skills.

I hope you like it, it is definitely one of my favourite fairy paintings that I have completed. Remember to check out the gallery page to view more work!

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