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New Painting in Progress

Last week I posted a sketch that I did on the bank holiday, well with that sketch I have started a new painting . I’m going to post a series of photos illustrating the progress I have made since starting last week. Ready? Here we go!


Line drawing – The dramatic moment when faced with a blank piece of paper.


It’s great when the picture basically draws itself after drawing only a small amount!


The application of paint…the terrifying moment it could all go HORRIBLY wrong.


Part way through…it hasn’t gone horribly wrong (yet!)


I have actually gotten a little further  with the painting but, I’ll post those pictures another time. It should actually be finished within a day or two.

I watched the knew Snow White and the Huntsman film today, it was actually amazing and there were fairies in it, they created an astounding fantasy land. I loved it, it was great to see a film with two lead female characters who weren’t feeble for a change! I downloaded the soundtrack so I have something epic and fantastical to listen to whilst painting. A good soundtrack is definitely needed when painting.

Anyway, I’ll be posting updates of my painting in progress in the next few days, I hope you’re excited 😉 I am..but as usual I am pretty biased.

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