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Painting in Progress!

Hello all,

Good morning hope you aren’t too cold in the dastardly Winter weather. Yes, I am being typically British and always complaining about the weather – the frost looks pretty though. As you know if you have read my blog before (if not hello, welcome take a look around) a lot of my art work is indeed inspired by our weathery goodness and this new one in progress is inspired by the frost (brrr).

fairy on branch

At the moment she does not look very frosty she looks quite warm with the colours I have used. What I’m hoping to achieve is that her wings will look like Autumn leaves and I can add some frosty details on the wings and hair. In fact I may colour the dress also and create little beads of frost across it, I think a beautiful frost covered cobweb would look fantastic here too. Tell me what you think and I will have a play and hopefully create something amazing!

In other news my home learning web/graphic design course is going well but unfortunately my Adobe trial is nearly over so I’ll have to buy it before I can make my own website. I’m really enjoying it but there is so much information and so much more to learn. It’s a good job I’m patient and like learning new things!

Maybe one day when you search fairy art I’ll be the top of the Google list! We can but dream.

Anyway Fairy Followers I’ll keep you updated I better get back to work.

Until next time have a good day!

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