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I love drawing, but recently I have lacked inspiration and that really gets me down! I worry that if I stop I’ll lose all of the skills that I’ve built up over the years and just not be able to do it anymore and as an artist that is a bit of a nightmare. In order to stop that from happening I’m going to have a sketch-a-thon, now it would be great to sketch for a full 24 hours and see what monstrosities I come up with…however before every sketch-a-thon if that is indeed a thing you need to practice so from next week ( the 17th March) I’m going to do a drawing every single evening! It’ll be exciting to see what pours out of my pencil. Expect to see an array of drawings popping up on my blog and feel free to join in and share your own sketches too. For now though, I’m going to leave you with a few works in progress…


deerbunnybluetit 001

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  1. these sketches are beautiful grace I’m a big lover myself of nature themed doodles from birds ( my favourite) to deers, stags , owls, rabbits and more. Look forward to seeing more posts from you kate x

  2. Great work! I really need to do some sketching myself.

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