This is a mixed media project from 2009-2010 combining both spoken word and drawing. Each piece was created using inspiration from folk tales and past experiences – creating (hopefully) an otherworldy, eerie feeling. Past complicated romantic relationships often sparked bizarre writings that inspired these soundbites. 

Voices include: Grace Owen, Shona Harrison and Christian Mills – 3 artists (together with many others) who spent quite a lot of time making ridiculous noise art (that really is the only way to describe some of it.) instead of focusing on their actual Fine Art degree projects at the time. 

Writing & Drawing: Grace Owen

The Beast

‘Why won’t the beast let me go? His knuckles are bright white with determination as he clutches my leash. I pull away only to be pulled back with tremendous force. He pushes me forcefully to the ground, my knees wet with the deepest scarlet – a frail human yo-yo. I am his toy, I am his favourite game. He pushes me away only to pull me back. A heartless tormentor. A beast.’ 

The Moon Waits. Abandoned.

‘The wind howls omniously, tormenting the leaves and teasing the trees, she crawls tediously through a labyrinth on her hands and knees. She wears them painfully to the bone. She shivers. She whines. The roots rip deep into her pale white skin. She is lost. She howls. Abandoned she has nobody.  It is lonely out here. The moon waits. Abandoned she has no one.’ 

Must Eat. Must Survive.

‘I smell him. Wife, I smell him. I’ve got to have him. I’ve got to devour him. I smell him. Wife, I want him. I sway but I am motionless, the full moon taunts me. Pain threatens my consciousness. Black and white. Everything becomes black and white, and I smell him. I smell his scent. Growing, groaning, wanting. Must eat. Must survive. Must.’ . 

Oh The Birds

‘Locked up. Kept. That’s all she knows. Now he wants her to leave. He wants her to be a wife, a mother, and a lover. But she can’t do it. She can’t. The smell of air haunts her, the trees loom at her window, and the birds, oh the birds! How they torment her. She cannot leave. She cannot let him in. She cannot go. He cannot come in. She cannot go out.’