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Spring Sheep…


Ok so I started this sheep painting a while ago and I’ve been working on and off with it. I think it is finally finished, yaaaay bring out the Champagne. I’ve been working on my illustration style for children etc. I have so many different styles of work to choose from now…Anyway, here is the sheep…


It’s a bit of a pain sometimes this digital painting lark because I’ll paint it on my laptop and then I’ll look at it on a desktop and it’s a completely different colour or brightness. Looking at it again I think I could add more wool texture to my sheep’s body.

Now, for most of you who often read my blogs and follow my art, you’ll know that as well as wildlife paintings I produce a lot of fantasy work. Now I’ve recently come across a fantastic fantasy illustrator called Neal Murren. I found out about him from ASOS, yes the online clothing shop, I recently bought this fantastic creation

I fell in love with the rabbit design. It is in the style that I love as a lot of my drawings are of this bizarre nature. I’d love to make one with my own with my designs as well. Then I went googling his website, there is some amazing art/illustration on there so just pop his name Neal Murren into google and prepare to see some great artwork.

Hope you are all well!

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