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Spring Sleeping (Painting in Progress)

Hello Fairy Followers,

I started this painting probably a couple of weeks ago now, unfortunately I completely forgot to take some step by step photos so here we have the almost finished version.

Like a lot of my fairy paintings it is inspired by the seasons, I love the colours of Autumn. I wanted to contrast the rich colours of Autumn with the fresh colours of spring and summer flowers. I still need to add more details to the roses and the wings. It’s unusual for me to have such an obvious background, I do enjoy creating characters more than backgrounds but, I decided I would get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. I’m really glad I did as I really love the eerie/fantasy atmosphere that the rays of sunshine add to the painting.

Here is a version of it in black and white:

Well, I better get on with adding the extra details to it and finishing it!

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  1. Lovely fairy : )

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