Behind the Artwork: ‘A Gathering of Ancients’

It’s that time again, to explore the story/meaning behind the artwork. A noble feat, but not an exact science – certainly not when it comes to my own work. This drawing has many titles – at the moment I’ve titled it ‘A Gathering of Ancients’, however, when I first completed it I named it ‘Energy …

Behind the Artwork: The World is Unravelling

What inspired this? The ‘World is Unravelling’ is the most recent piece in my series of drawings. This one was inspired by the incredible sun that we saw in England on the day that ex-hurricane Ophelia visited us. The sun was a eerie shade of pink and the feel of the day was weirdly calm …

Behind the Artwork: Conversations with Ursa Major

‘Conversations with Ursa Major‘ is my latest finished piece from my current work. The series itself focuses on the subconscious, dreams, fantasy, emotion and reality. Each piece has an element of the ‘real’ in it but it is quite hard to translate as the viewer.  What is the work about? To be honest, none of …

Behind the Artwork: ‘You Can Have my Body But You Can’t Have Me.’

More answers about more artworks… What is the artwork about? On first glance this seems like a romantic piece, whereas, in my head it’s quite the opposite. The two ‘lovers’ dance on the beach under the eclipsed sun. The male holds the female with a firm grip; he’s so afraid to let her go that …

Behind the Artwork: ‘Under the Influence, Losing Control’

To continue my series about my current work here are a few questions about my newest work; ‘Under the Influence, Losing Control’ and about my art practice itself… What is the artwork about? Well, as the title suggests it’s about losing control, and letting something (or someone) take the reigns even if you don’t really …

Sketch-a-thon Drawings!

Sketch-a-thon Drawings!

So it’s Thursday day 4 of my sketch-a-thon so it’s time to share a few of my drawings with you! I was going to do one a day but then I ran out of time and my internet decided to die, but i didn’t think that you would mind that I posted a few together, next week though I am determined to do ONE A DAY. Then I am going to use the sketches to create some new completed artwork…although admittedly some of  my drawings aren’t really ‘sketches’ they are a little too detailed – I can’t help myself, that’s the best part of drawing for me. So let me introduce you to my new drawings…the photo’s aren’t of the best quality I haven’t set up the scannner and I’ve recently moved house! (excuses…excuses)


As you can see I’ve used a variety of different styles and mediums; pen, pencil, detailed drawing, more graphic techniques and, of course, character illustration (the dragon who I think is very cute). I think I could create really excellent wildlife art from some of these drawings; I could transform them into a fully detailed digital painting or I could just simply complete them!

Drawing everyday is a great way to spend your time; it’s very therapeutic after a hard day at the office, so even if you think you can’t draw I encourage you to pick up your pencil and have a go! You’ve nothing to lose…only your troubles. Drawing really is a fantastic stress relief, no matter what ends up on the paper the process is wholly engrossing. If you would like to view anymore of my artwork then head over to my website

Mr Fox Gets Colour!

Mr Fox Gets Colour!

Mr Fox Gets Colour!

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything new and technically this is just a colour of an older drawing…it’s not finished either but as you all know (unless you’ve never visited before) I like to show the creation of my work in y’all should come back 😉

In other news I’m getting a new computer so you can expect more work to appear over the next few weeks and months. I shall be updating my site – it’s all very exciting isn’t it?

Angry Owl – Illustration in Progress

Angry Owl – Illustration in Progress

Hello all, Following on from yesterday’s post, Angry Owl Sketch, I have started to digitally paint it.  So here are a few images to illustrate what I have done so far; There is quite far to go yet. It will be more of an illustration than my more realistic wildlife pieces. I can’t wait to …