New Work: Seahorse


Over the last few months I have been working hard creating new drawings and experimenting with a few different themes. I always come back to sea creatures and woodland animals, sometimes with the addition of a mysterious lady. My most recent project however has been designing illustrations for notebooks and other illustrated gifts, which are due to be printed very soon (in the next coming week) once I have finalised all the designs.

One of my favourite new designs is my Seahorse; he is utterly majestic, in my humble opinion – ha! They really are marvelous little creatures and truly unique to look at, so are a great subject matter. But, that’s enough of me waffling about it, here he is in all of his glory:

seahorse artwork

This drawing is a combination of two drawings: the seahorse and the seaweed together with digital painting. I can’t wait to see the final product printed.

Sorry that it has been a long while since I have posted a blog, but you can see what I’ve been up to on my work in progress page or by following @gracescreations on good old Instagram.

I really enjoy Instagram, it’s a great platform for connecting with other artists and finding really beautiful imagery. I’m a convert.

Have a lovely Saturday.

Colourful Creative Cushions

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Hello folks,

Today I’ve been a busy pixie sewing away creating colourful cushions. They are larger than the last few I did, todays cushions measure 16″x16″. Now I don’t think they are good enough for to go on sale as I haven’t printed big enough images on them so they’ll just be the practise lot.

So here they are lounging about in the living room.


Enjoy! Now I better get back to work hopefully I can do some really nice paintings this week as well. 🙂