New Work: Seahorse


Over the last few months I have been working hard creating new drawings and experimenting with a few different themes. I always come back to sea creatures and woodland animals, sometimes with the addition of a mysterious lady. My most recent project however has been designing illustrations for notebooks and other illustrated gifts, which are due to be printed very soon (in the next coming week) once I have finalised all the designs.

One of my favourite new designs is my Seahorse; he is utterly majestic, in my humble opinion – ha! They really are marvelous little creatures and truly unique to look at, so are a great subject matter. But, that’s enough of me waffling about it, here he is in all of his glory:

seahorse artwork

This drawing is a combination of two drawings: the seahorse and the seaweed together with digital painting. I can’t wait to see the final product printed.

Sorry that it has been a long while since I have posted a blog, but you can see what I’ve been up to on my work in progress page or by following @gracescreations on good old Instagram.

I really enjoy Instagram, it’s a great platform for connecting with other artists and finding really beautiful imagery. I’m a convert.

Have a lovely Saturday.

Sketch, Scan, Paint!

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It’s Sunday evening and guess what…I’ve finally got a scanner again huzzah! This means that I can finally start uploading some high quality images of my latest sketches and artwork, my blog has been rather sparse for the past few months, but no more! I’ve got a new art studio/office type thing, and everything is set up. Unfortunately much of my work is bigger than  A4..for some reason I always prefer large pieces of paper. To celebrate my new scanner setup, I’ve got a small pen sketch and a new digital painting in progress for you.

fawn drawing

Fawn pen sketch

Painting of fox

Digital Painting in Progress

As you can see the fox started off as a pencil drawing and is currently being coloured. He may be far from finished but he is looking very happy! I love creating digital wildlife paintings and drawings, it really is a lot of fun; each animal has its own personality and/or mood so expect to see a lot more, but there are also some new fairy creatures to come – I do love having my own studio (the desk is massive!). I can look out of the window and see Lancaster’s castle; a great source of inspiration (even if I don’t draw castles). Anyway, it’s time to get scanning, sketching and maybe sleeping. Happy Sunday evening everyone!

Where Have the Birds Gone?


Winter time is here; it’s cold, a little bit icy and a lot of the wildlife has disappeared. Boo! Well at least the sky looks gorgeous when it is clear. Of course, many species of birds remain here in England and we have a lot of foreign bird visitors – yep that’s the technical term for it! It may be warmer here than other destinations but I think I’d prefer to go to Spain for the winter period not the North West of England! Anyhoo the point of my post is that I have a new drawing for you…and it’s of a bird..huzzah! So here is a baby blackbird in all of its glory….



As you are all aware or will be if you’re paying your first visit to, wildlife drawing and painting is something that I am passionate about (as well as all things fantasy). I now need more pencils so I can sketch more, although I do not have a scanner anymore which is a shame. If you have any requests of what you would like to see me draw then please leave me a comment below!

Well it has been a while since I have posted an actual long blog post, sorry about that I’ve been rather busy!

Good news, I now have an A3 printer it is absolutely fantastic! Now I can make some really high quality prints and originals as some of my work has never been seen physically on paper. The plan is to print, frame, and exhibit. I missed something important off that list…oh yeah, sell. My online shop has been bare for quite a while, well that is about to change…well in the next week or so.

Barn owl in monochrome

Black and White Version

This image looks particularly good in A3 both the colour version seen on this page so I shall be doing some lovely, high quality prints of this image. At the moment I am creating more wildlife art than fairy art, but I always like to create something a bit mystical or magical about the paintings I do so, I’m never too far away from the wonderful world of fantasy. I do love Imagine FX (a magazine dedicated to fantasy art)

Anyway, do keep checking back for more art etc and I’ll reveal when my shop is launched with all its new stock! Yay!

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Painting in Progress: Baaa!


Hi all!

I thought I’d update you on the progress of my sheep painting. Bits have changed he’s no longer wearing a scarf but a bow tie. I’ve some detail into the background. I actually made my own PS brushes for the trees! I can’t believe how easy it is to make your own brushes. I’m going to be using them more often.Image

I definitely think it needs some more work doing in the background, but I’m happy with it so far. Hopefully this means that Spring will actually make an arrival in Britain and stop snowing. Once was enough, I need sun. Lacking in vitamin D here!


The Owl and the Pussycat – New Art!

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New Art

Posted on March 21, 2013

Hello all!

Just a short post for you to introduce you to some of my new digital paintings…

I wanted to produce some more illustrative work and create some more animal characters. So here is a kitten (who I have yet to name – help!) and we have Oswald Owl who I created a while ago.



I will be working into this owl painting and adding some more detail to the branches and the fence in the background.

I’ve also been sketching away…here is an osprey! Image


and a cat…but not in a hat.drawing of cat

My Characters need names, so if you have an ideas post them below 🙂

Is that a…Wizard Bird?

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Is that a...WIzard Bird?

This magical little bird appeared to me in doodle form on a slow day at work. He has since been sketched (as you can see) and is currently being brought to life on my computer screen. I am thinking of some exciting stories about him, although I’m yet to give him a name, poor bird. He looks happy enough at the moment.

That’s it from me tonight, short and sweet. I’ve been ill with a bad cold so forgive me AND there will be more exciting posts soon!

Sketches Galore!

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Howdy Folks,

I’ve been sketching away over the last couple of days, just getting a few ideas together for some more digital wildlife paintings. Generally, this is how I start an artwork, I’ll create an initial sketch, refine the drawing then scan it in for painting. Although, I do love drawings as stand alone artwork but I really enjoy adding depth and playing with colour through painting both digitally and traditionally.

Here are a few of the sketches:



Within a couple of days I’ll hopefully be able to show you at least one of these in the progress of turning into a dramatic digital painting. I’m looking to get more ambitious with the backgrounds of my paintings, but not distracting from the main focus of the painting which is always the character of the animal that I’m creating.

Well, I had better get on with it then. 🙂

Deer – Finished

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Deer - Finished

After doing about 75 different versions of this..well more like five but you’ve got to exaggerate sometimes don’t you? This is going to be a really short blog as my computer seems to be typing extremely slowly. Argh! I have got a little treat for you as well later I will upload a completely new painting. Anyway before my computer drives me insane…goodbye

The Wolf (New Painting)

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The Wolf (New Painting)

I created this digital painting from a pencil drawing I had produced quite a while ago. Inspired by Winter…waiting for the snow at Christmas that never happened. It might happen later who knows!?