New Work: Seahorse


Over the last few months I have been working hard creating new drawings and experimenting with a few different themes. I always come back to sea creatures and woodland animals, sometimes with the addition of a mysterious lady. My most recent project however has been designing illustrations for notebooks and other illustrated gifts, which are due to be printed very soon (in the next coming week) once I have finalised all the designs.

One of my favourite new designs is my Seahorse; he is utterly majestic, in my humble opinion – ha! They really are marvelous little creatures and truly unique to look at, so are a great subject matter. But, that’s enough of me waffling about it, here he is in all of his glory:

seahorse artwork

This drawing is a combination of two drawings: the seahorse and the seaweed together with digital painting. I can’t wait to see the final product printed.

Sorry that it has been a long while since I have posted a blog, but you can see what I’ve been up to on my work in progress page or by following @gracescreations on good old Instagram.

I really enjoy Instagram, it’s a great platform for connecting with other artists and finding really beautiful imagery. I’m a convert.

Have a lovely Saturday.

…It’s Windy


Happy June everybody!

That’s right, it’s June and it feels a lot like winter. To celebrate this wonderful fact (I’m not being sarcastic…I swear…*ahem*) here is a very British June inspired artwork/sketch…



This bird seems happy enough to be wearing a scarf at this time of year…I’m not sure I am!

Painting in Progress [Mermaid]


One of my recent mermaid sketches has become it’s transformation into a digital masterpiece. So this will just be a quick post to show you how it has progressed; it is not nearly finished at all…so let’s take a look at it so far:

Mermaid 002

First of all we add a background…there is more detail here though than if I had just started, the rocks still require a lot of work, but I haven’t settled on them being there anyway….so they could magically vanish!

Mermaid 001a

I’ve never been one to finish one section then move on to the next as you can see here. I’ve started adding skin tones and a bit of hair, of course it has to be flowing in the wind…there is no other way.

Mermaid 001b

The skin is becoming more refined and the eyes are more detailed. She has quite a hypnotising stare! The first fewstages are quite experimental and it is important to remember to make a new layer when adding more detail, just so you can delete a layer if it isn’t working very well.

Mermaid 001c

This is the stage she is at, at the moment. She has some luscious locks and it is all starting to look a little more refined and tidy. It isn’t nearly finished at all, there are many details to add…even some basic colouring, but it will get there in the end.

Mermaid 001d

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished piece so I had better get on with it! If you would like to see any more of my finished fantasy art, make sure that you that you check out my fairy art, there will be a mermaid art page coming soon, so make sure that you keep coming back to check it out! Until next time…happy sketching!

Oh deery Me (Beasties ‘n’ Bowties)


Greetings Beasties!

I’ve been adding a little colour to my deer as part of the ‘Beasties ‘n’ Bowties’ series and here is the gorgeous little fellow now….Image


Do you think yellow suits him? It has been a quick digital paint of a job. The rest of the series is coming along nicely, I should be able to introduce you to a few more characters next week and hopefully have a few prints available for purchase, isn’t that exciting?

For now I’ll leave you with the deer, my favourite so far is Mr Hare who you can view in a previous post ‘Beasties ‘n’ Bowties‘. Once I’ve completed the series they shall be uploaded in all their glory. Goodnight!


Sketch, Scan, Paint!

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It’s Sunday evening and guess what…I’ve finally got a scanner again huzzah! This means that I can finally start uploading some high quality images of my latest sketches and artwork, my blog has been rather sparse for the past few months, but no more! I’ve got a new art studio/office type thing, and everything is set up. Unfortunately much of my work is bigger than  A4..for some reason I always prefer large pieces of paper. To celebrate my new scanner setup, I’ve got a small pen sketch and a new digital painting in progress for you.

fawn drawing

Fawn pen sketch

Painting of fox

Digital Painting in Progress

As you can see the fox started off as a pencil drawing and is currently being coloured. He may be far from finished but he is looking very happy! I love creating digital wildlife paintings and drawings, it really is a lot of fun; each animal has its own personality and/or mood so expect to see a lot more, but there are also some new fairy creatures to come – I do love having my own studio (the desk is massive!). I can look out of the window and see Lancaster’s castle; a great source of inspiration (even if I don’t draw castles). Anyway, it’s time to get scanning, sketching and maybe sleeping. Happy Sunday evening everyone!

Mr Fox Gets Colour!

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Mr Fox Gets Colour!

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything new and technically this is just a colour of an older drawing…it’s not finished either but as you all know (unless you’ve never visited before) I like to show the creation of my work in y’all should come back 😉

In other news I’m getting a new computer so you can expect more work to appear over the next few weeks and months. I shall be updating my site – it’s all very exciting isn’t it?

Painting in Progress: Baaa!


Hi all!

I thought I’d update you on the progress of my sheep painting. Bits have changed he’s no longer wearing a scarf but a bow tie. I’ve some detail into the background. I actually made my own PS brushes for the trees! I can’t believe how easy it is to make your own brushes. I’m going to be using them more often.Image

I definitely think it needs some more work doing in the background, but I’m happy with it so far. Hopefully this means that Spring will actually make an arrival in Britain and stop snowing. Once was enough, I need sun. Lacking in vitamin D here!


It’s Bleeting Brilliant – Painting in Progress

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There are some things in this country (England) that you cannot avoid if you are going on a car journey, yes you guessed it…sheep! (you probably didn’t think I would say that did you?) Fields full with flocks of fluffy sheep flash past the window when whizzing down the motorway. It should be the time of year where little lambs are leaping around the field but this blasted snow is probably turning them all into snow balls. Unlike a lot of animals sheep look like chilled out creatures, all they do is stand around and chew until a dog comes and chases them around, cows on the other hand are terrifying and moody (me and cows have issues). There is something comical about a sheep that you can’t really pin point exactly. I especially enjoy the sound they make…you could say it’s a bleeting brilliant sound!…or not…

Ok, so now I bet I’ve got you asking ‘um why is she going on about sheep so much?’, Well you’re about to find out….I’ve painted a sheep! No, don’t worry not an actual sheep! Please don’t report me to PETA. I’m in the process of producing a digital painting so here she is:

painting of a sheep with a scarf on

Painting in progess

Although, it’s sunny in the painting the sheep needs a scarf as it is that English sun that pretends it’s wonderful and hot when actually it’s perishing. Don’t worry I’ll stop myself from waffling on about the weather. I haven’t a named this character yet, there are already quite a lot of famous sheep, good old Shaun, so please any suggestions would be fabulous.

Fairy Tale Art Competition – Voters choice


Hi everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I entered a Fairy Tale Art competition on hosted by fairy-tale artist, Philipe Fernandez. I am happy to tell you all that I came in 1st place for the Voters Choice Award! So thank you to everyone who voted for me and put up with my blogs asking for votes, it really paid off. I now have a place on Philippe’s website as can be seen here:

painting of fairy

I entered my artwork Fire Fly into the competition (above) and I am very proud of this achievement so again thank you! I shall post some new artwork soon.




SNOOOOW! – OK so maybe that was a bit of a predictable way to start a blog today but, as my regular readers will know I’m slightly obsessed with commenting on the weather (how typically British I hear you say.) I cannot stop looking at it through my (very dirty – I’ve just noticed that ew) windows,  I’m wide eyed and a amazed like a Bush Baby or a more normal comparison, a child. I’m also wondering how I am going to get my car off the drive later and what gear is the best for going slow in the snow (I think it’s second?) Typical  snow panic. I remember when we all cheered when it was snowing at school, also not liking snow is a sign of getting old so I choose to be EXCITED-ish…

Anyway, apart from rambling on about snow I have been digitally painting another one of my drawings, it’s keeping with my recent wildlife theme, can you guess what it is? The clue is in the title…Yes! You’re right it’s a deer. Sorry if that was slightly patronising it happens when you’re on your own for the majority of the day, you have to have pretend conversations, please don’t call the men in white coats! Again I digress so here is the drawing that I have started to paint:


The drawing has been on my wall for a while, I love the detail of the fur but the picture as a whole is a bit scary, I think it’s the mouth…he looks quite upset or a little bit in pain. I do like the drawing, but I decided I would breathe some life into this ghostly deer by adding some colour. I haven’t finished yet, but here is the stage it is at now:


I have started painting this the wrong way round, by this I mean I think technically (according to ‘how to’ books) you should start with the background and do everything in rough outlines first, however I have never been one to follow ‘the rules’ in art anyway. My advice is to find the best way for you to do it…it’s not a science that requires you to do something a certain way. Trial and error it’s the only way to learn and enhance your skills.

I’m really happy with how the fur is coming along and the details within that but I can see the antlers being quite a challenge, they have to be shiny but not plastic looking. I think he would look amazing in a snow storm. If you have any ideas for where he should be or what weather he should be in then please leave me a comment below and I shall see what I can do!

Anyway, I should probably get on with it now. Hope you are enjoying/tolerating/not getting stuck in the snow.

Until next time…see you!