New Project…Under the Sea

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I have always loved the sea, well looking at it at least. There is something magical and breathtaking about it and of course it is home to some of the most wondrous creatures and plants.I love a good coastal theme too so it was on natural to use the ocean and its  contents as a source of inspiration for my artwork and illustration.

My new project is based on the sea, but like many of my drawings or paintings I wanted to include and element of storytelling. This combination of themes can be seen most plainly in my jellyfish series of drawings…here is a preview…

Number 1


Sometimes you plan drawings…sometimes you don’t – I find the ones that aren’t planned are stronger. This concept wasn’t planned, it just happened. A3 in size it is a larger piece. It is part of a series, you’ll have seen snippets if you follow me on instagram.

Here is another drawing in progress…



And another, but this one involves digital painting…



So this is just one side of my under the sea theme, there shall be more to come, I’m really enjoying exploring the depths of the ocean!


Painting in Progress [Mermaid]


One of my recent mermaid sketches has become it’s transformation into a digital masterpiece. So this will just be a quick post to show you how it has progressed; it is not nearly finished at all…so let’s take a look at it so far:

Mermaid 002

First of all we add a background…there is more detail here though than if I had just started, the rocks still require a lot of work, but I haven’t settled on them being there anyway….so they could magically vanish!

Mermaid 001a

I’ve never been one to finish one section then move on to the next as you can see here. I’ve started adding skin tones and a bit of hair, of course it has to be flowing in the wind…there is no other way.

Mermaid 001b

The skin is becoming more refined and the eyes are more detailed. She has quite a hypnotising stare! The first fewstages are quite experimental and it is important to remember to make a new layer when adding more detail, just so you can delete a layer if it isn’t working very well.

Mermaid 001c

This is the stage she is at, at the moment. She has some luscious locks and it is all starting to look a little more refined and tidy. It isn’t nearly finished at all, there are many details to add…even some basic colouring, but it will get there in the end.

Mermaid 001d

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished piece so I had better get on with it! If you would like to see any more of my finished fantasy art, make sure that you that you check out my fairy art, there will be a mermaid art page coming soon, so make sure that you keep coming back to check it out! Until next time…happy sketching!

Painting in Progress – Fairy!

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Hello all,

Good morning hope you aren’t too cold in the dastardly Winter weather. Yes, I am being typically British and always complaining about the weather – the frost looks pretty though. As you know if you have read my blog before (if not hello, welcome take a look around) a lot of my art work is indeed inspired by our weathery goodness and this new one in progress is inspired by the frost (brrr).

fairy on branch

At the moment she does not look very frosty she looks quite warm with the colours I have used. What I’m hoping to achieve is that her wings will look like Autumn leaves and I can add some frosty details on the wings and hair. In fact I may colour the dress also and create little beads of frost across it, I think a beautiful frost covered cobweb would look fantastic here too. Tell me what you think and I will have a play and hopefully create something amazing!

In other news my home learning web/graphic design course is going well but unfortunately my Adobe trial is nearly over so I’ll have to buy it before I can make my own website. I’m really enjoying it but there is so much information and so much more to learn. It’s a good job I’m patient and like learning new things!

Maybe one day when you search fairy art I’ll be the top of the Google list! We can but dream.

Anyway Fairy Followers I’ll keep you updated I better get back to work.

Until next time have a good day!

Mermaid Mural

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Hello All!

I has come to my attention that I haven’t posted the finished Mermaid Mural that I was working on. Sorry! I finished it a couple of weeks ago. it is certainly a lot brighter than my other works.  Obviously the actual finish picture does not include the water marks!


I’m now working on a fairy in the woods! I shall update with that one soon 🙂



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My painting isn’t finished just yet but I’m just going to share some painting in progress photos with you.





As you can see there is so much more to add to it. It’s quite bright, it hurts my eyes a little staring at it for quite a while, I should probably sort that out. It’s definitely a bit different to my usual artwork as it is SO bright. My niece told me it was ‘grandma swimming’ I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear that. I’m impatient to finish it and see the end result! I really wanted to have it finished by the weekend, but that doesn’t look very likely. I’ll keep working at it and probably show some more in progress photo’s.

Hopefully I’ll have it finished soon!

Mermaid Madness..Painting in Progress!


Greetings from below the sea!


Yes it is another update on my new painting! I decided to colour it digitally..but I like to work into my painting by hand as well but we’ll see when we get to that stage…might not be for a while yet though. Here is what it looks like so far;


It’s a bit cartoony-looking for my liking at the moment but it’ll develop more as I go on. She has a lot of hair…but so do I so let’s say it’s a self portrait! Although last time I looked I didn’t have a fish tail…but things change haha…I’d quite like to be a mermaid but I imagine they eat fish (well shellfish at least) and I don’t like fish to eat at all. I digress (as usual! ha) if you have any suggestions/comments/crits on this painting do comment! 

I’d better get on with it anyway!


Mermaid Morning II

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Hi merfolk!

Just another quick post from myself just to show you some progress I’ve made with the latest artwork that I’m making! Today I scanned in the drawing I can’t decide whether to paint it a little first and then work on it more digitally or just colour it wholly digitally! So, whilst I am deciding that important factor I am going to find a shop that sells glue for glue guns and finish making some more Christmas cards!

For now here is the drawing;

2B pencil drawing

…I want to go swimming now.

Catch you later fairy folk and merpeople!



Mermaid Morning

arts, drawings, fantasy, illustration, paintings


just a quick post for now as I have to head out in a minute but this morning I’ve been drawing a mermaid. The intention is for it to be made into a mural so I’m including lots of jelly fish and fish and eels! I’ve gone back to to traditional methods for the beginning of this one. It is definitely going to be a mixed media piece!

so here are two pics to show my progress…just the initial drawing and the beginning of adding a background.


There you go! I will update as I develop it more.



Mermaid (Painting in Progress)



Hello everyone!

Just a quick update on the progress of my mermaid painting! There’s not really much left to do except for adding a bit more detail to the tale and adding more tones to the background. 



I’m sure to have completed it in the next couple of days, so check back to see the finished piece 😀