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The Osprey and the Fish – Colour

Hi everyone, another quick post to show you what I’ve been up to lately.

as you know, a couple of days ago I posted this drawing;

The Osprey and the Fish
The Osprey and the Fish

Well, today I decided I would paint it (digitally of course) so, here is another one of my many painting in progress posts.

digital painting of an osprey carrying a fish
The Osprey and the Fish (colour)

Here (above) is what it looks like at the moment. A lot of work needs doing yet, but as usual I wanted to share with you how my work progresses from sketch or line art to a full, blown, colourful painting. I love using my graphics tablet it is very therapeutic, except for fiddly, detailed bits that can drive me absolutely insane.

It shouldn’t take too long to finish this painting and I’ll post the next step of this painting in progress asap!

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